Former 6th EK Cub is coolest Scot

25 Sep 2018

Former member of the 6th EK, Aldo Kane, has been announced as the coolest Scot:
Details can be found at
Prior to moving to Ayrshire, Aldo was a member of the 6th EK Cubs – his father was a Scout with the group.
Aldo is a Scots sniper turned adventurer who has just entered the record books by rowing across the Atlantic and whose day job sees him working alongside Superman and Batman villains

Volunteers Required

24 Aug 2018

To help with the demand for Scouting in the area we have recently started an new Beaver Colony and are planning on a second Cub Pack. We have the hall capacity, the equipment, the training and the funds but we are missing the most essential ingredient … YOU!
There are simply not enough leaders to facilitate all the young people that want to join us, a reflection of our success, which means many young people will not be able to have the opportunities Scouting offers in your area. With your …

Start Back Dates

24 Aug 2018

The following are the start back dates for all sections after the Summer Holidays.
Wednesday Beavers – Wednesday 22nd August
Cubs – Thursday 23rd August
Friday Beavers – Friday 24th August
Scouts – Friday 17th August