As part of our programme on Burns night the Scouts had to write a poem to promote Scouting. This is part of the Scouts Creative Award, “Use your creative ability to produce something that promotes a Scouting activity or an event.”

So each patrol was challenged to write a poem. Please find the poems below:

Poem 1

I love Scouts
its is very fun
I hate Brussel Sprouts
and love mint gum

Poem 2

Its great to be a Scout
I do say
when your at Scouts its a wonderful day

Poem 3

Hear the words I sing
Scoutings a great thing
so i’ll sing, sing, sing
Ding a ling, ling, ling.

there are many rules,
there are many laws,
you’l be under the sun
so try to have fun

Poem 4

Ah, Scouting a grand adventure it be
Exploring nature, setting spirits free
with compass in hand and heart so bold
we venture forth seeking stories untold

We sit around by the fire
singing songs until we are tired
until the sunset falls upon us
we will always do as we must